Add-on Musicians & DJ Options:
Is percussion your thing? Or perhaps saxophone is more the vibe you're looking for? We've got a musician for you!
I've also got a fun self DJ option available!

Percussion & Backing Vocals

Introducing the crazy talented Eduardo Neto on percussion! Co-founding member of our band the Snap Chaps, online drum tutor extraordinaire! One of the best session drummers in the business.


Have Edu join me on percussion and backing vocals and make your event a party!

A fun and unique addition for chilled and upbeat parties alike! Edu makes fantastic use of his standing kit for our duo act!


Addon from £175.00 

The Mini DJ

The acoustic set has finished, but you and your guests don't want the party to end?

Why not continue to event with an extended mini DJ add-on?

I will stay at the party with you, you will have use of my speakers and lighting. I will provide you with an AUX in or bluetooth connection so you can connect your own device into my speakers so you can party on into the evening!

I am not an experienced DJ and I don't carry DJ equipment, but I will be happy to pop on a party playlist for you so you can keep dancing!

£75.00 per hour


Saxophone & Flute


If you are looking for a melodic addition to my acoustic act, look no further than the talented Myke Clifford! 

Seasoned flute and saxophone player he brings with him a wealth of experience and some great jazz and funk vibes!

Providing also fantastic vocal contributions, performing both lead and harmonies for our duo act. 

Addon from £175.00

The Full DJ

Continue the party late into the evening with the full DJ experience!

I regularly work alongside some of the best DJ's in the business! I will be happy to put you in touch with truly seasoned industry professionals!