Frequently Asked Questions
I've included some of the most frequently asked questions below. 
If you've got any further question you can contact me through the enquiries page!

I'd like to go ahead with a booking. What's the next step?

  • The first step is to get in touch to check my availability on the date of your event. You can do this through the enquiry tab, or Click Here.

  • I'll then take your details and provide you with a formal quote by email, which will include a booking form, deposit info and a link to my Track List.

  • Once the deposit balance has been paid, let me know and I'll provide you with a booking confirmation email.

  • You will then need to complete and return the booking form info ASAP. 

How do I arrange my pre-event consultation?

  • It is generally best to contact me through the enquiry page. I cannot always answer my phone if I'm rehearsing or performing at an event. 

  • Let me know the best time to call you, or your availability for a meeting in person or via Skype/Facetime and I'll be happy to arrange an appointment.  

How and when do I pay?

  • I generally take a deposit to secure the booking. This is usually a bank (BACS) transfer, but I can discuss alternative options if this does not work for you.

  • I would generally invoice for the final payment 4-6 weeks prior to the event. Payment is due on or before the day of the event. 

  • For corporate events I can offer an invoice based payment.

What deposit would you require?

  • I would generally ask for a £75.00 deposit payment to secure the booking and date for you, for bookings including multiple musicians a 10% deposit is generally required. This can vary subject to circumstances.

  • The deposit will ensure that I hold the date for you and I won't take any other bookings.

  • If you need to cancel the event, you will forfeit the deposit balance.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • I understand that your circumstances might change. You will regrettably forfeit the deposit balance upon cancellation. I would ask that you give me as much notice as possible if you need to cancel, so I can try to arrange an alternative booking. 

How far will you travel for an event?

  • I am based in Red Lodge, Suffolk, so my travel costs and arrangements are generally calculated with this as a base.

  • My advertised prices and packages include travel up to 40 miles. I will always take the location & venue details at an enquiry stage an ensure travel is taken into consideration in any quote provided. That way there will be no surprise costs on top!

  • I have travelled all over the UK for events and I've even provided some bespoke weddings services across Europe. Please be advised that accommodation and travel costs for me and my equipment would be taken into consideration if you are located over 2 hours away.

What tracks should I choose?

  • Generally I'd suggest you let me know the vibe you are going for and the type of crowd you expect at your event. I'd then ask you to choose some favourite tracks from the list available, Click Here. This gives me a good starting point to work from.

  • I would not always choose a full playlist for an event in advance. I am experienced in reading a crowd and picking my next tracks based on what you and your guests are enjoying. I'm also happy to take guidance from you mid set, if you'd like it more chilled out, or more upbeat, just let me know. 

  • If you would like me to learn some new tracks and this is included in your booking, please make sure you let me know at least 1 month prior to the event with your chosen songs. If left later than this, I may not have time to learn them all for you.

What equipment do you use?

  • I only use professional quality sound equipment for my events. My largest setup is more than capable of catering for an event of 150-200 guests. I have scaled back equipment suitable for smaller venues and audiences. I also have battery powered options if your venue does not have power available in the areas you'd like me to play, this is more suited to smaller our outside events, perfect for that busker type performance we all love.

  • All my microphones, guitars, pedals, cables etc are all of professional quality. I also carry back-up equipment for everything I use!

  • I do have some lighting options available. Generally my quotes include basic stage lighting only for afternoon and evening events. If more comprehensive lighting is required (DJ lighting), please let me know and I can quote for this also.

My venue has asked for your public liability insurance (PLI) and portable appliance testing (PAT Check) documents​?

  • Not a problem at all. Let me know the venues email address and I'll send the documents over. I am a Musicians Union member and as such I have PLI in place through MU for all my bookings. I also get my equipment PAT checked annually to ensure everything is safe to use.

Will you require power?

  • I will generally require a minimum of 1 power socket to power my equipment. If you know power is not available, I do have some battery powered options, but don't always carry these with me as standard. Please check with your venue that there will be a power outlet available for me where you'd like me to play.

I'd like you to play outside, but what if the weather is bad?

  • If the weather is fine, I'm happy to play wherever you'd like me situated, provided there is power or you've asked for a battery powered option. If the weather conditions are questionable or poor, I will need to use my best judgement to make sure that me, my equipment, you and your guests are all kept safe. This may mean that we need to relocate to a suitable sheltered location or inside. I'm happy to judge this at the last possible moment, but it will ultimately be at my discretion.

What will you wear for my event?

  • I would always aim for something suited to the type of event I am playing at. For example, for weddings I'd generally aim for smart attire; trousers, shirt, shoes and possibly waistcoat. If it's a more relaxed look your going for let me know and I'll be happy to cater to your chosen theme.

What are the arrangements for venue access and setup?

  • I will confirm the venue address and set up times with you as part of the booking form. I'd also ask you to confirm the setup location for each set and access arrangements for the venue.  I'd also ask you to provide contact information for the venue. This is generally sufficient to ensure everything runs smoothly for the day.

  • I have many years experience in working closely with venues and their events team to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • I'm happy to be flexible if you need me to set up and soundcheck early to avoid disruption to your event as long as you let me know if advance.

  • I'd generally arrive at the venue 90 minutes prior to the time of the first set (or 2 hours if setting up in multiple locations). I'll make sure everything is set up, sound checked and looking great ready for the performance.

Should I provide you with food and drink?

  • Drinks are always very much appreciate during the day if this is possible. I am generally driving so would stick with tea, coffee of a soft drink (I'm a cheap date!).

  • Something light to eat is always appreciated if you book me up for one of the packaged options, but this is at your discretion.