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Musical "Friends" and Collaborations
I've built a fantastic network of professional musician friends over the years, all eager to join me at your next party!
Check out their Bio's below and see who would be a good fit for your day!

Myke Clifford

Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Irish Whistle, Percussion & Vocals 

(Banana and Pineapple Shaker)


Delight in the much loved talents of Myke Clifford, founding member of our “The Snap Chaps - Strolling Band” hugely popular and sought after option amongst our duo and collaboration roster.  

Myke, a seasoned showman and multi-instrumentalist, infuses each performance with infectious energy, charm and witty, unpredictably and humorous antics. With proficiency in instruments from the saxophone, flute, clarinet, Irish whistle, vocals and harmonies, across all styles; he ensures a vibrant, varied, fun and memorable musical experience for all.

Revered around the Cambridge and Ely music scene, Myke has proudly captivated audiences at prestigious jazz and folk festivals throughout the UK. His stage presence is unmatched, full of charisma and genuine love for entertainment for commanding centre stage.

When not performing with us, he’s the esteemed and long standing compere at the Avalon Stage, Glastonbury, further showcasing his versatility and connection with audiences.

Future plans include: -

"The elusive search for the perfect scone and getting through to the next gig... See you there!"

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Tom Wright

Acoustic Guitar, Double Bass & Vocals 


Introducing the talented Tom Wright - Versatile Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer-Songwriter, Touring Guitarist and Double Bass playing founding member of our "Snap Chaps - Strolling Band"

Tom is undoubtedly the most jaw dropping guitarist we have had the pleasure to work with. Drawing inspiration from his love of music and upbringing on Rock 'N' Roll - he's been on the road as a professional touring guitarist from the age of 16, now for over a decade.  

Tom brings with him an amazing singing voice and will happily take the lead throughout our shows - expanding on our repertoire with a great selection of 'Golden Oldies' - His Elvis Presley & Buddy Holly covers are fantastic!

You may have seen Tom at theatre shows throughout the UK, Canada and Europe over the past ten years, with shows such as The Billy Joel Songbook, Walk Right Back, Lipstick On Your Collar, A Vision Of Elvis, and many more.

Tom has a fantastic ear for vocal harmonies too which adds another great dimension to our collaborations. He can turn his talents to any style of music and we are really honoured to have him eager to work alongside us.  Available on Vocals, Guitar or Double Bass. 

You can follow Tom's song-writing and touring exploits here: 


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Joe Bailey

Acoustic Guitar, Percussion & Vocals 


Introducing Joe Bailey, award-winning wedding entertainer, singer-songwriter, guitarist, exciting and versatile musician. He's also a key member of our "Snap Chaps - Strolling Band," working with us regularly on percussion, guitar and vocals.

Joe's accolades include winning 'The Wedding Industry Awards 2022' as a Regional Musical Act and being a 2023 finalist. His collaboration with us creates an unforgettable entertainment experience, offering an impressive repertoire himself, he doubles the choice of party songs and artists we can offer.

In our performances, Joe and I share the spotlight, taking turns leading vocals and rhythm guitar, allowing us to explore harmonies and guitar solos creatively. This dynamic interaction not only liberates us as musicians but also ensures a fantastic and interesting show for you and your guests.

Joe's musical journey began with the drums, and his remarkable vocal talents make him a valuable asset to our band. He can also provide percussion for duo or trio shows, using our signature standing cocktail drumkit, adding a distinctive classy look and feel to our ensemble.

Follow Joe's original music and his wedding business on Instagram:

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dji_fly_20230517_195944_187_1684350037425_photo (1).jpg

Anna Wells

Piano & Vocals 


Meet our very own Anna Wells - versatile performer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, tutor and piano playing extraordinaire.

Classically trained and graduating from King’s College London, with a Music degree in 2019, Anna has since honed her talents and performance style towards her love of pop music, creating the engaging, diverse and much loved repertoire and solo act she's widely known for today.

Anna’s aptitude on the piano is matched only by her vocal ability, not only leading tracks, but having a fantastic ear for harmonies too. Anna's versatility shines in a collaborative settings, particularly when performing alongside myself and our amazing community of musicians.

Her influences extend from classic hits by Elvis Presley and Patsy Cline to modern favourites from Shakira and Ed Sheeran, ensuring that there is something in her shows for everyone - often spanning fun and unexpected medleys and mashup's.

From the prestigious Royal Albert Hall to the vibrant music scene of Camden, Anna Wells has left her musical mark on a variety of stages across the UK and into Europe. Join us in giving a warm welcome Anna to our line-up of musical friends available to join us for your events.

Follow Anna's musical journey and stay up-to-date with her latest performances and releases:


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Lloyd Crowley

Ukulele,  & Vocals


Introducing the charismatic Lloyd Crowley, a valued member of our musical ensemble, available to compliment our shows with his delightful Vocals and Ukulele collection.

Lloyd is a true embodiment of joy and quirkiness, infusing our performances with an infectious sense of fun and entertainment. His mastery of the ukulele introduces a light-hearted and cheerful tone to our tunes, captivating audiences with every note. Lloyd has an innate gift for vocal harmonies too making him an adaptable and exciting option to join us! 

An experienced and frontman in his own right, Lloyd brings with him a treasure trove of choices from his own extensive song repertoire.

Educated at the University of Southampton, Lloyd explored there the world of music. His passion and dedication to the Ukulele are evident even from academic pursuits, including a comprehensive dissertation, delving into the history of the ukulele through the lens of the legendary George Formby.

Lloyd's commitment to the instrument extends to his Level 3 certification in "Ukulele Teaching" from the renowned James Hill Ukulele Initiative, a testament to his dedication and craft. Widely respected in the field of ukulele education, regularly delivering informative talks on the history of the instrument and managing a well travelled ukulele orchestra group throughout Europe too.


With an impressive collection of approximately 74 ukuleles (at the last count), Lloyd's expertise in this unique instrument is unparalleled.

Keep up to date with Lloyds musical offerings here:

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David Temple

Saxophone, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals 


Introducing David Temple – Skilled Saxophonist, Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic Guitarist and Charismatic Frontman. David joins us regularly as part of the "The Snap Chaps - Strolling Band" on both Guitar, Saxophone and Vocals. 

David has a wealth of touring experience, having played saxophone alongside well-known artists such as Amy Winehouse, Emeli Sande, and Busted. He has showcased his talent on national television, performing on "Later with Jools Holland" accompanying Amy Winehouse. In addition to these impressive collaborations, David has graced the stages of various touring UK theatre shows, demonstrating his ability to adapt to various musical styles.

David is hugely versatile in his horn section performances, proficient in styles from jazz and swing to pop music. These days he's now enjoying leading roles, taking his amazing voice centre stage as both a singer and guitarist. Combined with a great ear for vocal harmonies, it makes him a much loved musician amongst our community and a joy perform with. 

To keep up with David's musical journey and for updates on his latest projects, follow him on Instagram:

If you’re interested in booking this amazing, talented and experienced performer to join me at your next event, get in touch below:

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