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Friends and Collaborations - Acoustic Duo Roster!

❤️ I can't express how enjoyable this year has been working in music with this amazing bunch!

Musicians friends and acoustic duo collaboration options
Friends Acoustic Duo Musicians Guitar Double Bass Saxophone

⭐From left to right: - Me, Joe Bailey, Myke Clifford, Tom Wright, David Temple

⭐Plus not pictured: - Edu Neto, Alex Harford, Lloyd Crowley, Anna Wells, Ciaran Philips, Nik Lowe and all the amazing deps who I've missed

🎸It's hard to imagine looking back to 2018 when 100% of my gigs were solo performances, just me, a loop pedal and guitar.

👀I knew I wanted to collaborate with other musicians, but never did I dream that I'd meet and get the opportunity to work with these amazing and talented guys or that they'd be keen to work with me! Now around 75% of my work this past year has been with the band, acoustic duo or trio - such a welcomed development and change in direction and I'm hugely positive about all the fun things we have booked for next year - Love you guys!

➡️Check out our Duo Showcase page here for more details:

➡️Plus the bands page at:

📸Also love this "Friends" themed pic from Regina Ray Photography

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