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Myke Clifford - Sax/Flute & Guitar Duo and The Snap Chaps - Strolling Band

🫰INTRODUCING:- Myke Clifford from The Snap Chaps - Strolling Band

🌘Performing: Van Morrison - Moondance  

🤩Delight in the much loved talents of Myke Clifford, founding member of our “The Snap Chaps - Strolling Band” and hugely popular and sought after option amongst our duo and collaborations roster!

🎭Myke, a seasoned showman and multi-instrumentalist, infuses each performance with infectious energy, charm and witty, unpredictably and humorous antics. Complimenting my performances on guitar and vocals, Myke is proficient across saxophone, flute, clarinet, Irish whistle, percussion 🍌🍍vocals and harmonies, including countless styles and a love of improvisation; he ensures a vibrant, varied, fun and memorable musical experience for all.

🎷Revered around the Cambridge and Ely music scene, Myke has proudly captivated audiences at prestigious jazz and folk festivals throughout the UK. His stage presence is unmatched, full of charisma and genuine love for entertainment for commanding centre stage.

📢When not performing with us, he’s the esteemed and long standing compere at the Avalon Stage, Glastonbury - introducing the acts to the stage!

Future plans include: -

🍴"The elusive search for the perfect scone and getting through to the next gig... See you there!" 👉

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